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1000 Cloze Test Pdf With Tricks Free Download Pdf

1000 Cloze Test Pdf With Tricks Free Download Pdf

We get lots of e-mails and messages in which students share their problems regarding English section. Most of their problems were related to sentence completion/ fill in the blanks/ Cloze test. Though English is the most marks-securing section, but students are unable to secure much in this. The reason is the lack of basic knowledge syntax system of the sentence arrangement. Sometimes the options are out of the box and you don’t know the meaning of some words. Therefore, we are here to share some tips and tricks so that you will be able to solve the cloze test easily.


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1. Passage Reading

Whenever you start doing cloze test, pause for a couple of minutes and read the passage. This will help you to get a clear idea of the main theme, the tone of the author and the major ideas given in the passage. Once you get these things clearly, it will be easier for you to fill the gaps between the passage.

2. Establish Links

While filling the gaps you must establish the links between two sentence.  Each sentence given in the passage is the part of the paragraph. Never assume that you have to treat a sentence as a single entity. Whatever word you will fill in the gap must build a relationship with the next sentence. If you fail to do so, your answer may lack to create a logical sequence.


Cyber criminals have two objectives: find targets that will yield high payoff for their ____ (1) __ and attack those high payoff targets that offer the least resistance. Their business model is simple: the least efforts for the greatest ___ (2) __ gain.

(1) (a) efforts
(b) order
(c) past
(d) Pardon
(e) reference

(2) (a) moral
(b) educational
(c) social
(d) nominal
(e) financial

Here in blank (1) the sentence is related to cyber criminals. These criminals want high payoff for their efforts obviously because there is no point of filling the gap with other options, there is no logical reason to fill “order, past, pardon or reference“. Now in the second sentence, you must have to keep in mind that the passage is about criminals and criminals have nothing to do with moral, educational, social gain. Nominal gains are never the aim of these criminal. All they need is financial gain. So, by establishing the links between first and second sentence, we came to know that the correct answer of blank (2) is financial.

3. Types Of Words

Each and every language follows a sentence pattern which is called syntax. Like an adjective comes before a noun and an adverb always follows a verb. We always need an article before an object. Ordinals like 1, 2, 3 fifth, sixth tenth always are always followed by a noun/pronoun. Lets understand it with some examples


(a) Teena is girl.
Now here the sentence looks incomplete.
Teena is a girl.
This is a complete sentence. Here, the article “a” completed the sentence.
(b) Teena is a girl good.
Good is an adjective but it is placed incorrectly because an adjective comes before a noun.
Teena is a good girl.
Now the syntax is correct.
(c) Teena slowly walks.
Slowly is an adverb but the placement of adverb is incorrect. As we have discussed that an adverb always follows a verb. So
“Teena walks slowly” is the correct arrangement of the words.

4. Elimination Technique

When the passage is too confusing and you find it completely out of your hands to solve the passage or a sentence, go with the elimination method.  Here, you start eliminating the most extreme answers according to the context of the passage. Eliminating options one by one will lead you to the most appropriate answer.


These cyber attackers are highly motivated, well organised and ___ (5) ___.

(a) fussy
(b) unpredictable
(c) beneficial
(d) trustworthy
(e) honorary

Suppose you can’t find the answer of blank 5. Here the cyber attackers are highly motivated well-organised and …
fussy is particular
No cyber attack is particular because the main motive of the cyber attack is just to gain money and it can be targeted to anyone. So, option eliminated
c. is beneficial: can any cyber attack be beneficial for anyone? No!! Option eliminated.
d. Cyber attackers are not trustworthy. So, we eliminate the option and as long as the option (e) is considered no cyber attack can be honoured.
So, we are left with unpredictable as the answer which is the most appropriate answer according to the context.

5. Tone Detection

Reading the passage can give you a clear view of the passage and this can help you to fill the gap with the accurate answer. Sometimes the passage is of comic tone, intense mood and ironical topic. If you can sense the tone, there is nothing better than this. Even each sentence represent some tone.


Having searched my pockets in vain for stray coins and having found I was ___(10)__ penniless.

a. utterly
b. mostly
c. partially
d. truly
e. totally
Here, in this sentence, the person is hopeless because his search of money ends in vain, so the tone is tensed. Truly/partially/mostly are out of the context because the pocket has no coin so it can’t be partially filled. Truly and mostly cannot be the in the context of money. So the only option we are left with is Utterly; utterly is more intense than totally so we will choose utterly as our answer.

6. Use of Common Words

Sometimes a blank appears in the cloze test that has all the correct answer on your point of view. Whenever this kind of situation arises, chose the most commonly used phrase or word for that blank. Never try to be smart by choosing any other option because you find it suitable too. These sentences are given to test your general knowledge of the language.


I had a______ word with him.
a. prompt
b. swift
c. quick
d. rapid
Here, all the options are synonyms of each other and all the options seem appropriate according to us. Right? But hang on a moment. What is the most commonly used word here? Right!! It is quick. Without thinking twice just mark option (c) as your answer.

7. Read & Practice More!

Nothing is more valuable than practice and reading. Reading books, journals, magazines and newspapers will clear your doubts regarding sentence structure and will build your vocabulary. Strong vocabulary will give you the strength to use the words in their various forms. Moreover, magazines will teach you some new phrases every day.
So, this is all we could share with you. I hope you will find this article worth reading. Keep working hard and practice more every day. Keep your eyes and ears alert to catch minute details and information from your daily life.


Cloze Test is one of the recurring topics under the English Language section of various competitive exams. It tests a candidates understanding of the passage, grammatical skills and vocabulary, and like RC, it is one of the most scoring topics under the English Language section.

Cloze Test is a passage (like Reading Comprehension) with certain set of words missing. The Cloze Test passages contain sentences that are logically connected, have a well-defined structure and pattern and follow a chronological order. All these help in maintaining a unified tone throughout the passage of the Cloze Test. One can say, that Cloze Test is a combination of Reading Comprehension and Fill in the Blanks.

In a Cloze Test, candidates are given a passage with multiple blanks. Each blank has an option with 4-5 alternatives. Candidates are required to select the most suitable alternative.

Note on the New Pattern of Cloze Test

In recent times, there has been a change in the pattern of the Cloze Test:

  • The blanks in the passage already contain the words
  • A new option called ‘No changes required’ is provided for every blank

If the word given in the blank is correct, the candidates are required to choose the ‘No changes required’ option. If the given word is incorrect, the candidates are required to choose the best alternative, to replace the given word, from the given options.


 Free Download 1000 Cloze Test Pdf With Tricks


How to Approach Cloze Test

Step 1: Read the passage

Read the given passage carefully. Do not treat the sentences like individual sentences. Sentences in a Cloze Test passage are logically connected/linked. Once you determine the logical relation between the sentences, finding appropriate words for the blanks (or replacing the given word with appropriate one in the new pattern) becomes an easy task.


Step 2: Identify the tone & sentence pattern

Every Cloze Test passage has a tone. It could be a narrative, it could be humorous, it could be factual or it could be critical. Identifying the tone of the passage helps in looking for the right words to fill in the blanks/replace the given word.

The sentences in a cloze test are logically connected and follow a chronological order. Identifying this pattern in the sentences will help you get an idea of the kind of word that you need to fill; whether it is a noun/pronoun/verb/preposition/conjunction/article, etc. The best fitting words are the ones that maintain the tone and the consistency of the passage.



Articles: She opened ___ bag and took ___ books out (Blanks that require articles to be filled are the easiest to answer. ‘A’ and ‘An’ for the general facts and ‘The’ article for anything specific)

Solution: She opened the bag and took the books out.

Noun: I carry my ____ to the college (The most appropriate answer would be a noun: laptop/book)

Solution: I carry my book to the college.

Verb: _______ is good for physical as well as mental health (the words ‘good for health’ gives a hint about the kind of word required to fill the gap. It could be anything that’s good for health: Eating, sleeping, running, exercising, etc.)

Solution: Exercising is good for physical as well as mental health.


Step 3: Determine the word type based on tone

The tone of the passage goes a long way in helping candidates pick the right words. Sometimes, the words given are very similar and might end up confusing the candidates. In such cases, identifying the tone helps in picking the right word.



Gloria ______ merrily along the way with her little bunnies.

(i) a. Jumped b. Leaped c. Hopped

The above sentence has a humorous/happy tone (as opposed to a serious/critical one). You must choose a word that maintains the tone of the sentence. Choosing the word ‘Hopped’ helps in accomplishing that, as it brings to the mind images of people jumping with joy.


For the old pattern

Step 4: Eliminate wrong options

Sometimes it is difficult to spot the answers. In such cases, use the elimination technique to discard answers that are most definitely wrong and out of context.



Mr. Miller likes his tea steaming ____.

(i) a. Cold b. Hot c. Lukewarm

It is obvious that cold/lukewarm coffee does not steam. Eliminate them and you’re left with the right answer.


Step 5: Enter a suitable word

Once you are done reading the passage, identifying the tone, determining the right word and eliminating the wrong ones, it is time to fill the blank with the suitable word. Try and fit the given options in the blanks one by one and eliminate the ones that don’t fit.

Sometimes candidates are unsure if a particular option is fitting or not, in such cases, check if the word from the passage fits in with the theme/tone/tense of the given passage. Sometimes the clue is present in the words/sentences before and after the blank and you can use your knowledge of the meaning and usage of given words (options) to pick the right one.

If you are still confused and are not able to pick between two or more words, pick the word that’s most frequently used with the word(s) around the blank.



Is that your _____ address?

(i) a. House b. Home c. Residential (All three options nearly mean the same thing. How to decide then?)

Sometimes, in the English Language, some words are frequently used together. For example; make room, bad habit, about time, fast food, etc.

In the above example, ‘House’ & ‘Address’ are generally used together. Hence, House is the answer.


For the new pattern

Check if the given word matches with the tone and pattern of the sentence and the passage. If it does, choose the option: ‘No changes required‘. Also check if any of the other options given would make a better alternative to the given word. If one of the options given seem like a better alternative, choose that option.


Final step: Re-read the passage

Once you are done picking the right options, re-read the entire passage. Make sure the passage sounds grammatically and logically correct and that the words you chose maintain the overall tone and pattern of the given passage.

Practice is the key to master this topic. Practice solving previous years’ Cloze Test passages, check your performance and measure your progress. Reading a variety of text will help you be prepared for passages from any kind of topic and build a strong vocabulary.


Try solving the following Cloze Test passage (Solutions are provided at the end)

Every month, scientists ___(i)___ new gadgets and new ways to make technology faster and better. Our homes are full of hardware (such as DVD players and computers) and ___(ii)___ (such as computer games and MP3s). ___(iii)___ suggests, however, that it is the young people who are best able to deal with this change. Whereas teenagers have no problem ___(iv)___ a DVD player, their parents and grandparents often find using new technology ___(v)___ and different. But if you’re a teenager who criticizes your parents for their ___(vi)___ of technological awareness, don’t be too hard on them! Sometime ___(vii)___the future, when you’ve got children of your own, your ___(viii)___ to deal with new technology will probably ___(ix)___ and your children will feel more ___(x)___ with new technology than you do.

Direction: Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks.



1. (i)=? (A) found (B) invent (C) estimate (D) discover

2. (iv)=? (A) operating (B) discovering (C) inventing (D) explaining

3. (vi)=? (A) storage (B) amount (C) effect (D) lack

4. (x)=? (A) pleased (B) able (C) comfortable (D) easy

5. (v)=? (A) sudden (B) unique (C) complicated (D) automatic

6. (vii)=? (A) on (B) to (C) in (D) at

7. (viii)=? (A) possibility (B) talent (C) master (D) ability

8. (ii)=? (A) gadgets (B) laptops (C) software (D) screens

9. (ix)=? (A) please (B) decrease (C) able (D) easy

10. (iii)=? (A) industry (B) experiment (C) program (D) research



i. B – Gadgets are made by humans and hence ‘invented’ and not discovered. ‘Found’ and ‘Estimate’ are definitely wrong and can be discarded using the elimination technique.

ii. C – ‘Such as computer games and MP3s’ is a clue. Computer games, laptops and MP3s aren’t ‘software’ and hence can be discarded.

iii. D – ‘Program’ and ‘Industry’ don’t fit the bill. While the words ‘Research’ and ‘Experiment’ almost mean the same, ‘Research’ and ‘Suggests’ are frequently used together.

iv. A – ‘Discovering’ is definitely wrong and can be eliminated. ‘Inventing’ and ‘Explaining’ doesn’t fit the bill if you read the rest of the sentence. Hence, ‘Operating’ is the right answer.

v. C – ‘Unique’ and different almost mean the same and hence can be discarded. Using ‘Sudden’ and ‘Automatic’ won’t be logically or grammatically correct. Hence, ‘Complicated’ is the right answer.

vi. D – ‘Effect’, ‘Amount’ and ‘Storage’ don’t fit the bill, since they make the sentence grammatically incorrect. Hence, ‘Lack’ is the right answer.

vii. C – ‘On’, ‘To’ and ‘At’ will make the sentence grammatically incorrect. Hence, ‘In’ is the right answer.

viii. D – ‘Master’ and ‘Possibility’ will make the sentence sound grammatically incorrect. Being able to deal with technology is an ability and not a ‘Talent’. Hence, ‘Ability’ is the right answer.

ix. B – ‘Please’, ‘Able’ and ‘Easy’ will make the sentence grammatically incorrect. Hence, ‘Decrease’ is the right answer.

x. C – ‘Able’ and ‘Easy’ do not fit the bill and hence can be eliminated. ‘Pleased’ doesn’t maintain the tone or logic of the sentence. Hence, ‘Comfortable’ is the right answer.



My mother waved me goodbye and the bus ___(1)___. The man sitting ___(2)___ to me was a doctor ___(3)____ to Kannur, ___(4)___ participate in a conference.

Cloze test is a very complex sentence completion test. In this test you will be given a paragraph with few blanks. And you need to fill these blanks from the given alternatives. This test is complex and bit typical because it evaluates candidates Vocabulary power and his understanding of the message of the passage or we can say to test the ability to judge the overall meaning of the given passage.

Often we provide answer and we end up with wrong one..

How-to-crack-the close-test

How-to-crack-the close-test

This type of test are very common in Bank PO exam because the result of this test provides the ability of a candidate to understand a passage, and his knowledge to grammar as well, as grammar is the root of any language this test can judge the candidate very well. If you make a good command in these types of questions you can easily score good marks.

Now the question arises “How to Crack the Nut”

The Solution to this question is simple but the main thing is practice, more and more practice, but as I said in my earlier articles “Only Practice Not Makes a Man Perfect” But “Perfect Practice Makes a Man Perfect”

How to Crack the Nut?

  • First of all go through the complete passage and get a rough idea about the content and the spirit of the passage.
  • In a passage mostly all the sentence are logically related to each other. These logics will give you an idea about the appropriate word for the blank space.
  •  Sometimes you will easily spot the correct answer, if you get the answer immediately mark it. If not then eliminate the improbable options one by one and get the right answer.

Considering the above example,

My mother waved me goodbye and the bus ___(1)___. The man sitting ___(2)___ to me was a doctor ___(3)____ to Kannur, ___(4)___ participate in a conference

First go through the complete passage we can say according to the passage it is talking about a journey.
Now the options provided for (1) are
(a) going              (b) started          (c) arrived           (d) stopped        (e) traveling

Now in the above passage we can fill the (1) blank with “(b) started” as going is not proper word, it cannot be “arrived” because if someone saying good bye that means other person is going not arriving so it is also not appropriate word. Similarly cannot be “stopped”. And finally it cannot be “traveling”.

In similar way by eliminating improbable words we can find other blank as shown below.

The options for (2) are:
(a) next                (b) besides         (c) near                (d) side                    (e) neighbour
This blank will be filled by “(a) next”

The options for (3) are:
(a) coming           (b) arriving          (c) going               (d) visiting           (e) flying
This blank will be filled by “(c) going”

The options for (4) are:
(a) to                     (b) for                   (c) so                     (d) and                 (e) then
This blank will be filled by “(a) to”

This way you can easily get the point by finding the spirit of the passage as here the spirit of the passage was the boy is going somewhere thus this makes easier to eliminate words like ‘arriving, stopped, etc ’from the given options.

Constant practice will help to answer cloze test quickly and accurately. The best practice to solve these questions is regular reading and interaction with English. And let me remind you again this can help you to score full marks in this cloze test. Practice more and more, clear your doubts, ask questions (off course we are always here for your help).


A Practice Passage is given below:

Smile, they say, and soon there will be miles and miles of smiles. If we keep ___(1)___ ourselves and do not mix with others, we shall soon be left alone to ponder ___(2)___ the misfortunes of life. Nobody likes to come across a ___(3)___ and self-centred person. People ___(4)___ gregarious and outgoing souls who are prepared to share their joys and sorrows ___(5)___ if they have the capacity to laugh ___(6)___ their problems and miseries. Laughter brings people ___(7)___ whereas keeping to oneself distances people. It has ___(8)___ been rightly said that laughter is the shortest distance between two persons. Once two persons ____(9)____ together, the circle of acquaintance and consequently friendship ___(10)___, thus making the world a happy place to live in.

1. (a) by                 (b) to                    (c) with                 (d) into              (e) across
2. (a) over             (b) on                   (c) at                     (d) upon            (e) above
3. (a) sad               (b) serious          (c) glum               (d) selfish          (e) resent
4. (a) like              (b) love                (c) hate                 (d) dislike         (e) resent
5. (a) disappear   (b) vanish           (c) increase          (d) fade out      (e) develop
6. (a) at                  (b) over               (c) away                (d) on               (e) above
7. (a) close            (b) near               (c) together          (d) apart          (e) different
8. (a) hence          (b) so                   (c) however          (d) therefore   (e) thus
9. (a) get               (b) come              (c) sit                     (d) are              (e) go
10. (a) widens      (b) broadens      (c) increases         (d) grows         (e) narrows

(1) b.     (2) a.      (3) c.      (4) b.     (5) b.     (6) c.      (7) c.      (8) d.     (9) b.     (10). d


 Free Download 1000 Cloze Test Pdf With Tricks


Directions—(Q.11-20) In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words/ phrases are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

I said, “Wow, B! What a room.”  He looked sort of embarrassed and told me that he and his dad _1_ it just so.  He said, “You’re in _2_! Today we are going to work _3_ the details of the rocket _4_.” Of course, I have no idea what he’s talking about. “I’m going to build _5_ rockets for the Fourth of July fireworks,” he continued.  “I’ve got some light weight metal sheets and I need your help in _6_ a base for the rocket.”  I was sort of relieved that I wasn’t going to have to mix up combustible ingredients _7_ a hot Bunsen burner!

We got some supplies and looked up the rocket launcher on the internet.  B had lots of contacts and web sites to check out for reference.  After reading the _8_, I could think of nothing but _9_ the rocket launcher into position.  When I heard my mom’s horn honk outside I jumped up in amazement!  How could four hours have _10_ away that fast? Especially considering that I was learning something new! I told B goodbye, and he promised not to continue until I came back tomorrow.

1. Choose the correct option

  1. Planned
  2. Say
  3. Made
  4. Decide
  5. Trust

2. Choose the correct option

  1. Mess
  2. Home
  3. Sad
  4. Luck
  5. School

3. Choose the correct option

  1. In
  2. On
  3. Out
  4. Off
  5. At

4. Choose the correct option

  1. Base
  2. Station
  3. Science
  4. Toy
  5. Launcher

5. Choose the correct option

  1. Some
  2. Many
  3. Much
  4. More
  5. Less

6. Choose the correct option

  1. Building
  2. Standing
  3. Making
  4. Creating
  5. Made

7. Choose the correct option

  1. On
  2. At
  3. Over
  4. Below
  5. Down

8. Choose the correct option

  1. Notice
  2. Hoarding
  3. Pamphlet
  4. Instructions
  5. Dictionary

9. Choose the correct option

  1. Moulding
  2. Make
  3. Placing
  4. Made
  5. Create

10. Choose the correct option

  1. Moved
  2. Slipped
  3. Pass
  4. Stopped
  5. Swift


1.   (1)

2.   (4)

3.   (3)

4.   (5)

5.   (1)

6.   (1)

7.   (3)

8.   (4)

9.   (1)

10.   (2)


 Free Download 1000 Cloze Test Pdf With Tricks

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