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English Quiz- Idioms & Phrases

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Choose the correct option-


I take exception to your statement that I am bad tempered.

(a)do not agree

(b)feel unhappy


(d)feel angry


to call a spade a spade

(a)to be frank

(b)to be sly

(c)to be rude

(d)to be diplomatic


He was progressing by leaps and hounds because of his hard work.


(b) slowly

(c) peacefully

(d) strongly


to bum the candle at both ends

(a)to spend cautiously

(b)to be stingy

(c)to be extravagant

(d)to survive difficulty


Why don’t you put an end to blowing your own trumpet ?

(a)playing your own trumpet to produce music

(b)making too much noise

(c)praising your own abilities and achievements

(d)None of these


He has a very nice manner, but you would better take what he says with a grain of salt.

(a)to listen to something with considerable doubt

(b) to talk sensibly

(c)to criticise

(d)to complement


When he saw the snake he took to his heels.

(a)ran away in fear

(b)went slowly

(c)walked in fear

(d)jumped fast


He has to abide by the hard and fast rule of the company.


(b) strict

(c) difficult

(d) honest


By opposing his proposal he fell foul of him.

(a)quarrel with

(b)felt annoyed with

(c)agreed with

(d)got into trouble with


The story does not hold water.

(a)does not deserve appreciation

(b)does not fulfill the requirements

(c)cannot be believed

(d)cannot be valued


It is clear that the ideas of both reformers ran in the same groove.

(a)promoted each other

(b)clashed with each other

(c)moved in harmony

(d)moved in different


at one’s beck and call

(a)to attend a call

(b)to be helped by someone

(c)to be useful to someone

(d)to be dominated by someone




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