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Banking Quiz Set- 10

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1) The forex reserves of a country are the foreign currency assets held by the central bank of the country. It does not include ?
1) Reserve position in the IMF
b) Special Drwaing Rights
c) Monetary Gold
d) Foreign marketable securities
e) None of these

2) In EDLI, what is the meaning of L?
a. Limit
b. Linked
c. Lower
d. Listed
e. Loan

3) The Reserve Bank of India keeps on modifiying various rates/ratios to keep the flow of liquidity in the market in a balanced manner and which of the following rates/ratios/indexes is not directly controlled by the RBI?
a) Cash reserve ratio
b) Bank rate
c) Repo rate
d) Reverse repo rate
e) Wholesale price index

4) Mortgage is Security on:
a) Immovable Property
b) Movable Property
c) Both Movable and Immovable Property
d) None of these

5) If you buy a financial instrument in one market in order to sell the same instrument in another market
at higher price, it will be called as:

a) Brokerage
b) Arbitrage
c) Forfeiture of Instrument
d) None of The Above

6) Insurance Repository is:
a) It is a facility to help policy holders.
b) It provides the facility, buy and keep insurance policies in electronic form rather than as a paper
c) Insurance repositories like share depositories or mutual fund transfer agencies will hold electronic records of insurance policies issued to individuals and such policies are called “electronic policies” or “e – policies”
d) All of The Above

7) Fiscal Policy deals with the ______and ______decisions of the government:
a) Incomes and Expenditures
b) Taxation and Expenditures
c) Trading and Expenditures
d) None of These

8) Which of the following id the formula of money multiplier?
a) M3/M1
b) M1/M3
c) M3/M0
d) M0/M2
e) None of these

9) When inflation rise above 20% it is called as
a) Galloping Inflation
b) Walking Inflation
c) Trotting Inflation
d) Running Inflation

e) None of these

10) Sense is the index of:
a) Top 30 companies in NSE
b) Top 50 companies in BSE
c) Top 30 companies in BSE
d) Top 50 companies in NSE
e) None of these



1)None of these

2) EDLI – Employee’s Deposit Linked Insurance

3) Wholesale price index

4)Immovable Property

5) Arbitrage

6)All of The Above

7)Taxation and Expenditures

8)) M3/M0

9) Galloping Inflation

10) Top 30 companies in BSE


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