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Triangle & its various kinds of Centers

Triangle & its various kinds of Centers There are 4 very important ways of viewing the center of a triangle. We can look at its CENTROID, ORTHOCENTER, CIRCUMCENTER, and the …

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Triangle : Its Properties & Its Types

Triangle : Its Properties & Its Its Types A triangle is one of the basic shapes of geometry. It is a polygon with three sides and 3 vertices/corners. Learn about …

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Geometry Tricks – 2 [Centres of a Triangle]

In this post I will share some very important formulae for Geometry. Geometry is all about theorems and properties and there are endless things to mug in it, but I …

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Geometry Tricks – 1 [Important Formulae]

Many students asked me to share some geometry tricks. So here is the Part-1 : (1) Be it algebra or geometry, such questions are always there that don’t deserve your …

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Mensuration Tricks – 2

This is a famous question. Just remember whenever you are forming a circle and then a square, the side of that square is given by, a = 1.6*r (approx.), where …

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Mensuration Tricks – 1

Mensuration is a pure formula-based topic and tricks/shortcuts are seldom applied here. So in this series I will try to solve all the mensuration problems that have appeared in CGL …

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Trigonometry Tricks – 4 [Maximum and Minimum Values]

Few points to remember: sinθ and cosθ both have “1” as their maximum value and “-1” as their minimum value. Hence the values of sinx, sin2x, cosx, cos3x, etc. lie between …

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Trigonometry Tricks – 3

Sine and Cosine Rules See the image above and mug the formulas thoroughly. Sin and cosine rules are important in trigonometry and can help you in solving some complex questions. …

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Trigonometry Tricks – 2

This article covers some concepts that are taught in classes 11th and 12th, and hence new for arts/commerce candidates. Few things which the above figure represents : There are 4 …

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Trigonometry Tricks – 1

Trigonometry is yet another scoring section of CGL. Most of the questions can be solved with jugaad. Just like Algebra, where we assumed the values of variables, in trigonometry we will …

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Circle : Radius | Diameter | Area | Sector | Segment

Circle : Radius | Diameter | Area | Sector | Segment Radius  (of a circle) From Latin: radius “staff, spoke of a wheel” 1. A line from the center of a …

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Circle & Its Secant

Circle & Its Secant Secant From Latin: secare “to cut” A line that intersects a curve or circle at two points . Try this Drag either orange dot. The blue line …

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