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Reading Comprehension Tricks & Tips 1

English Reading Comprehension Solving Short Tricks & Tips With Practice Sets English is viewed as a tough section by the majority of the Banking Aspirants. Additionally it has been discovered …

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Paragraph Completion & Fillers Tricks & Tips

Paragraph Completion & Fillers Tricks & Tips Paragraph Completion (PC) has been a regular feature of papers . Before we attempt the PC questions, we must try to understand what …

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Cloze Test Tricks & Tips

Cloze Test Tricks & Tips Cloze Test Preparation Strategy A Cloze reading test is an exercise where the candidates are provided with a passage which has certain words missing from …

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Fillers Tricks & Tips

Fillers Tricks & Tips   The English Language section of the SBI PO exam and IBPS PO  consists of questions such as reading comprehension, cloze test, para -jumbles, spotting the error and …

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Spotting Error Tricks & Tips In Detail

Spotting Error Tricks & Tips In Detail Students preparing for competitive exams will encounter English Language and Comprehension sections. One of the most important aspects is learning to spot errors …

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Common Misconceptions in Reported Speech

In SSC exams, where there are direct questions to convert direct speech into indirect speech and vice-versa, you cannot afford to skip or make mistakes. Similarly, there is no scope for error in Banking & …

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Degrees of Comparison: Common Errors

Do you often find yourself confused when it comes to degrees of comparison? Don’t know when to use positive degree, or comparative degree, or superlative degree? Is it the most frustrating thing …

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Using Common Nouns and Proper Nouns Correctly with Articles

Is It Common to be Proper or Proper to be Common? This is not an etiquette lesson. It is an English lesson on something that sometimes gets a little confusing. …

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When to Use Present Tenses – Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous

Charu was trying to understand tenses. She was just starting to understand the different Present tenses – Simple Present, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous tenses. She met …

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General Tips for Tenses in English Grammar

General Tips for Tenses in English Grammar  Tense of a verb indicates the time period during which an action or event has occurred. Tenses constitute a major part of our …

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Rules to Understand Gerunds with Examples

Rules to Understand Gerunds with Examples A gerund is constituted by verb + ‘ing’. Every gerund without exception ends in ‘ing’. It is however difficult to identify a gerund since …

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Error Spotting & Correction Tricks & Tips

How to Solve Spotting Error Questions In order to solve questions on spotting errors, the first step you should take is to read the complete sentence carefully. In most of …

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