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Cloze Test Quiz For Upcoming Exams

Directions: in the following passage there are blanks,
each of which has been numbered. against each
number, five words are suggested, one of which fits the
blank appropriately. find out the appropriate word in
each case.

Today It Is (___144___) recognized that the 21st century
will be driven by knowledge. To (___145___) the challenges
of this century, India needs to usher in a knowledge
revolution that (___146___) to bring about systemic
changes in education. While our economy has made
significant strides, the education system has not kept
(___147___) with the aspirations of the youth. The vast
disparity in country today is a result of skewed
(___148___)to knowledge. To address this we need a
substantial expansion in educational opportunities, with a
special (___149___)on inclusion of the underprivileged. At
the bottom of the pyramid, steps must be taken to
(___150___) access to quality education. While the
government has taken steps to ensure education to all,
where it lacks in its efforts is the quality perspective. Being
a spirally upward drive, education cannot be (___151___) to
improve at the higher level lest it improves at the very
grass root level. The top of the pyramid, i.e. higher
education is also uneven. Students struggle to compete in
the exams which (___152___) a sound knowledge of
English. While candidates are expected to travel several
kilometers to reach school to obtain any education, the higher education organizations often (___153___)
candidates from vernacular media through State
sponsored exams and proudly affirm them as unbiased.


(a) thickly
(b) widely
(c) ample
(d) parity
(e) considered


(a) adhere to
(b) gather
(c) cover
(d) contact
(e) meet


(a) sought
(b) wanted
(c) seeks
(d) attempt
(e) determined


(a) adequate
(b) sufficient
(c) influence
(d) pace
(e) ahead


(a) access
(b) approaching
(c) rights
(d) infiltration
(e) excess


(a) aspiration
(b) intensity
(c) important
(d) place
(e) emphasis


(a) enjoy
(b) help
(c) provide
(d) diminish
(e) deepen


(a) awaited
(b) judged y
(c) thought
(d) expected
(e) said


(a) demand
(b) has
(c) consume
(d) expects
(e) wants


(a) discourages
(b) disobey
(c) contest
(d) assume
(e) reject

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