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Cloze Test Tricks

How To Solve Cloze Test Tips and Tricks

In Cloze passages the candidate is given a text passage with some words removed. The candidate has to replace the missing words from the options given to solve the question correctly. A Cloze test consists of a text passage with some certain word removed (cloze text). Its a mixture comprehension and fill in the blanks type of questions, since you of  are provided with a passage with certain words missing from it. To solve cloze test correctly, you are expected to have a strong command over the language and grammar, along with good vocabulary.

Checkout the example:

Failure is probably one of the ______ discouraging moments in our lives. Failure ______ not, however, break our spirit. Instead, we should use the ______ learnt from our defeat to spur us ______ to greater achievements.

The correct answers in the above scenario would be ‘most’ for the first blank , ‘should’ for the second, ‘lessons’ and ‘on’ for the fourth blank.

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Cloze Test Tricks

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