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  • Software required to run the hardware is known as _______
    A. Task Manager
    B. Task Bar
    C. Program Manager
    D. Device Driver
    E. None of these

    Ans – D. Device Driver
  • A system call is a method by which a program makes a request to the _______
    A. Input Management
    B. Output Management
    C. Interrupt processing
    D. Operating system
    E. None of these

    Ans – D. Operating system
  • Shell is the exclusive feature of _______
    A. UNIX
    B. DOS
    C. System software
    D. Application software
    E. None of these

    Ans – A. UNIX
  • An assembler is ______
    A. Programming language dependent.
    B. Syntax dependent.
    C. Machine dependent.
    D. Data dependent
    E. None of these

    Ans – C. Machine dependent.
  • The________is a program-planning tool that allows the programmers to plan program logic by writing program instructions in an ordinary language
    A. Flowchart
    B. Pseudocode
    C. Program
    D. Looping
    E. None of these

    Ans – B. Pseudocode
  • Which logic is used to select the proper path out of two or more alternative paths in the program logic?
    A. Looping logic
    B. Sequence logic
    C. Iteration logic
    D. Selection logic
    E. None of these

    Ans – D. Selection logic
  • An error in software or hardware is called a bug. What is the alternative computer jargon for it?
    A. Leech
    B. Squid
    C. Slug
    D. Glitch
    E. None of these

    Ans – D. Glitch
  • ________ is computer software designed to operate the computer hardware and to provide platform for running application software
    A. Application software
    B. System software
    C. Software
    D. Operating system
    E. None of these

    Ans – B. System software
  • The _______ is the amount of data that a storage device can move from the storage medium to the Computer per second
    A. data migration rate
    B. data digitizing rate
    C. data transfer rate
    D. data access rate
    E. None of these

    Ans – C. data transfer rate
  • A program design tool in which standard graphical symbols are used to represent the logical flow of data is called as a _______
    A. Flowchart
    B. Pseudocode
    C. Algorithm
    D. Structured Chart
    E. None of these

    Ans – A. Flowchart


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