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Daily Vocabulary

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1. SUPERVENE (VERB): follow
Synonyms: pursue, supersede
Antonyms: retreat, precede
Example Sentence: When you see your leader like that, you supervene his notions.

Synonyms: ostentatious, gaudy
Antonyms: plain, modest
Example Sentence: His shirt was very garish.

3. PRIMP (VERB): beautify and dress nicely
Synonyms: groom, spruce
Antonyms: mess up, uglify
Example Sentence: Girls take too much time to primp themselves.

4. PERSPICACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): observant, perceptive
Synonyms: alert, aware
Antonyms: ignorant, unobservant
Example Sentence: Detectives work with a perspicacious mind to solve the cases.

Synonyms: cruel, oppressive
Antonyms: easy, gentle
Example Sentence: Aurangzeb is known as a draconian leader.

6. CAREEN (VERB): tilt, move wildly down path
Synonyms: lurch, bend
Antonyms: straighten, unbend
Example Sentence: If you drive too fast in bad weather, your car may careen off the road.

7. MIRTH (NOUN): great joy
Synonyms: laughter, rejoicing
Antonyms: sorrow, pain
Example Sentence: His eyes twinkled with mirth, when he took his new born baby.

8. FAZE (VERB): embarrass
Synonyms: annoy, confound
Antonyms: encourage, enlighten
Example Sentence: He looked as if nothing could faze him.

9. NEXUS (NOUN): connection
Synonyms: center, link
Antonyms: exteriority, detachment
Example Sentence: I share a strong nexus with him.

10. TIFF (NOUN): argument
Synonyms: bickering, quarrel
Antonyms: agreement, harmony
Example Sentence: I generally have a tiff with my wife.


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