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English Quiz- Double Fillers

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Choose the right option :

1. As the boat __________ all those onboard fortunately managed to reach the bank of the river __________ with the help of the life boats.

(a)capsized, drowned

(b)fell,, harmlessly

(c)dropped, uninjured

(d) deceased, unhurt

(e) sank,, safely

2. Ashima __________ her team with a lot of skill and the__________ Increase In the sales by the team is a measure of her success.

(a)dominates, poor

(b)condemns, sudden

(c)manages, significant

(d)directs, worthless

(e)overpowers, exceptional

3. On being asked for the passport he __________ to his dismay that he had __________ to bring it along with him to the airport.

(a)shocked, failed

(b)realized, forgotten

(c)pleaded, neglected,

(d)understood, lost

(e)recognized, missed

4. Helen quickly __________ the career ladder and is now the __________ managing director, the company has ever appointed.

(a) Jumped, shortest

(b) entered,, oldest

(c)started, Junior most

(d)climbed, youngest

(e)ascended, inexperienced

5. A famous economist says that the government should do more to __________ jobs in the area in order to curb the __________ rate of unemployment.

(a)create, rising

(b)need, increasing

(c)employ, high

(d)invent, growing.,

(e)generate – slowing

6. Centre should __________ministries, whose functions __________ with the state ministries to save money, deliver efficiency and avoid duplication of work.

(a) finish, diffe

(b)establish, contradict

(c)constitute, matches

(d)abolish, overlap

(e)block, vary

7. Many people __________ genetically modified food but the reality is that all the food that we eat has been genetically modified naturally by thousands of years of __________

(a)praise, manipulation

(b)grow, mismanagement

(c)criticize, farming

(d)avoid, experience

(e)condemn, abuse

8. Given that only seven percent of the country’s labor force the organised sector, training options __________for the unorganized sectors should also be__________

(a)available, enhanced

(b)absent, improved

(c)lacking, sustained

(d)existing, restricted .

(e)offered, limited

9. Government initiatives and participation of many industrial houses in __________ loans to the villager have led to the __________ of the farmers.

(a)providing, plight

(b)disbursing, betterment

(c)denying, revitalization

(d) subsidizing, suffering,

(e) taking, advancement

10. Indians will __________one fourth of total work force in the next five years but India needs to introspect whether its education system is __________ for these demographic dividends.

(a)become, adequate

(b)consist, incompetent

(c)constitute, unequipped

(d)represent, sound

(e) comprise, prepared




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