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English Quiz For Bank Exam- Cloze Test

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Directions: in the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. against each number, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. find out the appropriate word in each case.


As the temperature (___1___) during the summer season, many households turn to air conditioners to keep them cool. Air conditioners which were once regarded as a residential luxury have now become a (___2___). Enjoying a cooler atmosphere during hot Weather is not the only benefit of using the air conditioner. A household, a vehicle, or a building becomes cleaner and safer for breathing as air conditioning also (___3___) the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms. However, along with the benefits, some disadvantages are also (___4___) with it. One of the most controversial topics attached to the subject of air conditioning deals with some of the materials that are used to produce the cooling effect Fluorocarbons. These refrigerants (___5___) to global warming and are (___6___) as one of the main ways in which air-conditioning (___7___) the environment.

Fluorocarbon refrigerants also add to the problems concerning ozone layer depletion. While air conditioning provides a temporary relief and makes heat wave more bearable, many questions have been (___8___) on how much the world will pay in the long run in terms of the environmental damage that it has caused. Today, scientists are (___9___) on making more environmental friendly products, but for now, individuals are (___10___) to part with their instant cool during the thick of summer.



(a) decreases

(b) rises

(c) deviates

(d) fluctuates




(a) irreplaceable


(c) Certainty,

(d) necessity

(e) redundancy



(a) prevents

(b) escapes


(d) removes





(c) associated

(d) influenced

(e) created



(a) result

(b) determine

(c) affect

(d) outcome

(e) contribute



(a) attended

(b) presumed

(c) regarded

(d) valued

(e) responsible


(a) helps

(b) impacts

(c) decline

(d) disintegrates

(e) improves M



(a) thought

(b) explained

(c) expected

(d) interrogated

(e) raised



(a) trying

(b) expected

(c) developing

(d) working

(e) inventing



(a) disabled


(c) unwanted

(d) aware

(e) reluctant





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