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English Study Notes & PDF

English Free PDF And Tricks Given Below :-

Complete English Grammar Rules Examples, Exceptions, Exercises

Word Usage Questions With Solution

Sentence Connectors Questions With Solution

Fill In The Blanks Questions With Solution

Sentence Fillers Questions With Solution

English Mixed Questions With Solution

1500+ One Word Substitution Free PDF

200+ Parajumble Sentence Rearrangement Pdf

Download 1000 Synonyms & Antonyms Pdf

Download Now 300+ Error Spotting Pdf

1000+ Phrasal Verbs Download Pdf

Download 200+ Word Problems Pdf Now

1000 Cloze Test Pdf With Tricks Free Download

1000 High Level Reading Comprehension Free PDF

1000 Sentence Correction Free Pdf

 1 Sentence Rearrangement Tricks
 2 Cloze Test Tricks 
 3 Fill in the Blanks Tricks
 4 Spotting Error Tricks 
 5 Reading Comprehension Tricks 
 6 Essay writing Tricks 
 7 Letter writing Tricks 

 Error Spotting


 Phrasal Verbs

 10  Handy Tips For Parajumble Part 1

 Handy Tips For Parajumble Part 2

 11  Using Common Nouns And Proper Nouns Correctly With Article
 12  Difference Between It’s and Its
 13  Degree Of Comparison Common Error
 14  Common Misconceptions in Reported Speech
 15  Rules to Find Right Course of Action in Verbal Reasoning
 16  Handy tips to attempt Sentence Exclusion or Odd Sentence
 17  Easy Tips to Solve Cause and Effect
 18  Tips to Master Cloze Test
 19  Basics of Active Passive Voice

Types of Active and Passive Voice

 20  Tips for Mastering Synonyms with Examples
 21  Tips for Solving Parajumbles
 22  Rules to Understand Gerunds with Examples
 23  Reading Comprehension in English Language Test – Tips
 24  Prepositions Study Material
 25  Spotting Error Tips and Tricks
 26  Learning English Grammar Part 1

 Learning English Grammar Part 2

 27  When to Use Present Tenses – Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous
 28  Tips for Spotting Errors in English Part 1 

Tips for Spotting Errors in English Part 2

 29  Speed Reading Techniques for Reading Comprehension
 30  General Tips for Tenses in English Grammar