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Maths Quiz For Bank & SSC Exam- Profit & Loss

1. Fini bought an article for Rs.2700.She  spent Rs.390 on its shopping. she then sold it for Rs. 4000. What was the percent profit he gained in this transaction.
a) 40%

b) 28%

c) 29.45%

d) 30%

e)  29%


2.  Rohit purchased an item for Rs. 9600 and sold it for a loss of 5 percent. From the money, he purchased another item and sold it for a gain of 5 percent. What is her overall gain/loss ?
a) 24

b) 25

c) 27

d) 30

e) 26


3. Shruti  buys 3 dozen tomatoes for Rs. 360. She buys carry bags to take them to his shop. Only one dozen can be filled into a carry bag and cost of each carry bag is Rs.10. She then sells the tomatoes along with carry bags for a cost of 200 per dozen. What is her profit percentage.

a) 53

b) 55

c) 53.84

d) 52

e) None of the aboove


4. Rahkil buys 4 scooter at a cost of Rs 20,000 per scooter. He sells first scooter at a profit percentage of 25%. What should be his loss percentage on remaining three scooter so that his overall profit/loss on sale of all 4 scooter is nil.
a) 55000

b) 60000

c) 57000

d) 40000

e) 52000


5. Meenu sold 8 keys and makes a profit equal to the selling price of 2 keys, what is the profit percentage?
a) 20%

b) 33(1/3)%

c) 33%

d) 35%

e) 40%


6. A s person expects a gain of 25% on his cost price. If in a month, his sale was Rs.8000, what was his profit?
a) 1600

b) 1500

c) 1800

d) 2000

e) None of the above


7. A dealer buys a cooler. listed at Rs. 10000 and gets 10% and 20% successive discounts. He spends 10% of his CP on transport. At what price (in rupees) should he sell the cooler to earn a profit of 10% ?
a) 8000

b) 8172

c) 8173

d) 8200

e) 8175


8. A cloth merchant, selling at 15% profit uses a faulty measuring rod, that measures 90cm for a meter . Find his profit percent actually earned.
a) 27%

b) 28.5%

c) 27.7%

d) 30%

e) None of the above


9. Bhoomi bought 30 books and 10 pencils for Rs.600. She sold the books at a profit of 10% and pencils at a profit of 20% and made a total profit of Rs.90. Find the Cost Price per book.
a) 20

b) 30

c) 15

d) 10

e) 12


10.  Two third of a fruits were sold at a profit of 5% and the remainder at a loss of 2%. If the total profit was Rs. 400, the value of the fruit(in rupees) was :
a) 15000

b) 15600

c) 15700

d) 16000

e) None of the above


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