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Phrasal Verbs Part 7

What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb; the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb alone.

  • Today’s verb: Look
  • Today’s phrasal verbs: Look after, look at, look back, look for, look out for

Phrasal Verbs Made Easy PDF Capsule 7 – Look [Part 1]

Look after

Hindi translation: देखभाल करना

Meaning: To take care of someone or something.

Memory Tip: When you care, your eyes follow!

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Use in Sentence: James looks after his kitten as if it is
his younger brother.


Look at

Hindi translation: की ओर देखना, पर्यवेक्षण करना


1. To direct your eyes towards someone or something so
that you can see them.
2. To consider something in a particular way.

Memory Tip: Look at the way I look at it, then you
will understand.

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Use in Sentence: Look at the answers from Professor’s
point of view.


Look back

Hindi translation: याद करना

Meaning: To think about something that has
happened in the past.

Memory Tip: Peeche mudkar na dekho, faisle par atal raho!

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Use in Sentence: When I look back, I can see my faults!


Look for

Hindi translation: ढूंढ़ना


1. To search for something or someone.
2. To expect something.

Memory Tip: To look for, to search for.

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Use in Sentence: He is looking for answers in life.


Look out for

Hindi translationसावधान रहना होगा

Meaning: To watch what is happening and be careful.

Memory Tip: Watch out! Look out!

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Use in Sentence: Look out for your path.

We hope you find Phrasal Verbs Made Easy PDF Capsule 7, helpful.

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