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Quantitative Aptitude- Speed & Distance

1)A motor starts with the speed of 70 kmph with its speed increasing every two hours by 10 kmph. In how many hours will it cover 345 kms ?

(a) 2.25hours

(b) 4.50hours

(c)4 hours 5 minutes

(d)Cannot be determined

(e)None of these

2)A train running at the speed of 20 metres/second crosses a pole in 24 seconds less than the time it requires to cross a platform thrice its length at the same speed. What is the length of the train ?

(a) 270 metres

(b)340 metres

(c)180 metres

(d)Cannot be determined

(e)None of theSe

3)A man takes 6 hours 35 minutes in walking to a certain place and riding back. He would have taken 20hours less by riding both ways. What would be the time he would take to walk both ways ?

(a)4 hours 35 minutes

(b)8 hours 35 minutes .

(c)10 hours

(d)8 hours 25 minutes

(e)None of these

4)A train travelling at the speed of 60 kmph crosses a platform in 20 seconds. What is the length of the train?

(a)333 metres

(b)300 metres

(c)336 metres

(d)Cannot be determined

(e)None of these

5)A boat running downstream covers a distance of 30kms in 2 hours. While coming back the boat takes 6hours to cover the same distance. If the speed of the current is half that of the boat, what is the speed of that boat in kmph ?




(d)Cannot be determined

(e)None of these

6)Samir drove at the speed of 45 kmph. from home to a resort. Returning over the same route he got stuck in traffic and took an hour longer, also he could drive only at the speed of 40 kmph. How many kilometres did he drive each way ?

(a) 250 kms

(b) 300 kms

(c) 310 kms.

(d) 275 kms.

(e) None of these

7)A boat running at the speed of 34 kmph downstream covers a distance of 4.8 kms. in 8 minutes. The same boat while running upstream at same speed covers the same distance in 9 minutes. What is the speed of the current?

(a) 2.4 kmph

(b) 3 kmph

(c) 2 kmph

(d) 3.2 kmph

(e)’ None of these

8)A bus started its journey from Ramgarh and reached Devgarh in 44 minutes with its average speed of 50 km/hour. If the average speed of the bus is increased by 5 km/hour, how much time will it take to cover ,the same distance ?

(a) 40 minutes

(b) 38 minutes

(c) 36 minutes

(d) 31 minutes

(e) 49 minutes

9)10. A man walked at a speed of 4 km/hr from point A to B and came back from point B to A at the speed of 6 km/hr. What would be the ratio between the time taken by man in walking from point A to B to point B to A respectively ?

(a) 5 : 3

(b) 2 : 3



(e) 3 : 2

10)A bus covered a certain distance from village A to village B at the speed of 60 km./hr. However on its return journey it got stuck in traffic and covered the same distance at the speed of 40 km/ hr. and took 2 hours more to reach its destination. What Is the distance covered between village A and B ?

(a) 240 km.

(b) 260 km.

(c)200 km.

(d)Cannot be determined ‘

(e)None of these



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