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Reasoning Quiz: Coding – Decoding

Directions (1-5): Study the following information to answer the given questions:
With a certain code language,
‘she opened bank account’ is written as ‘tu de tir um’,
‘bank is on the way’ is written as ‘tir la be co sa’,
‘precaution is the best’ is written as ‘ap fu co la’, and
‘the controlled on opened’ is written as ‘be ma la de’.

1.     What is the code for ‘precaution’?
A) fu
B) la
C) co
D) fu or ap
E) Cannot be determined

2.     What is the code for ‘the opened way’?
A) de be tir
B) sa um co
C) fu la ap
D) de la sa
E) None of these

3.     What could ‘gu co tir’ stand for?
A) is control on
B) got best bank
C) bank is got
D) is got account
E) None of these

4.     What could be the code for ‘best application control’?
A) nu ma fu
B) fu tir fd
C) de la sa
D) ma ap sha
E) Either A or D

5.     What does ‘be’ stand for?
A) the
B) on
C) way
D) bank
E) None of these
Directions (6-10): Study the following information to answer the given questions:

With a certain code language,
‘hole create black bestows’ is written as ‘f $h l#b t!b f%c’,
‘report letters till civil’ is written as ‘m#c t!l u%r m$t’,
‘guard also failure junked’ is written as ‘e%j e#g p$a f!f’, and
‘into export every meeting’ is written as ‘z#e u%e p$i h!m’.

6.     What is the code for ‘letters’?
A) u%r
B) m#c
C) t!l
D) m $t
E) Cannot be determined

7.     What is the code for ‘report create meeting’?
A) t!l u%e f$h
B) h!m u%r f%c
C) l#b u%r m $t
D) None of these
E) Cannot be determined

8.     What does ‘t!b u$l u#c’ stand for?
A) under bestows attempt
B) court last bestows
C) care hole adjust
D) black proud emperor
E) Cannot be determined

9.     What will be the code for ‘butter would used’?
A) t$r y#d e#w
B) s%b g!r e$u
C) t!g f%b e#v
D) e$u s%b e#w
E) None of these

10.   What does ‘e$t i#b f%c’ stand for?
A) tallest fish into
B) could best earn
C) centre told bench
D) ice earn calorie
E) None of these



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