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1. a (in this sentence , The theory about Astrology is expressed first time. Hence the first sentence is “B” )

2. a (In this sentence we are talking about Connections that we have already discussed in Sentence”B”. hence “C” is second sentence of this paragraph)

3. e(In this sentence, Idea of Stars is being explained further, hence “A” is third sentence of this paragraph)

4. a (In this sentence “D”, new idea of being romantic about stars is expressed,hence “D” is fourth sentence of this paragraph.)

5. b ( here ‘but’ signifies that sentence “E” follows the sentence “D”.)

6. c (It is a noun and it means -the university, school, or college that one formerly attended.)

7. a (It is ‘ a state of extreme happiness and joy’)

8. c (It is when you indulge in creating unnecessary trouble)

9. a (when you leave everyone behind when it comes to excellence)

10. d ( a person who help strangers in need selflessly )


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