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1. Answer: c

Explanation: convene means to come together into one body or place. It fits perfectly. Option a, b are synonyms but are not grammatically correct. Option d is the antonym.

2. Answer: d

Explanation: pull out means withdraw, pull off means succeed, pull with means get on with, pull through means recover from illness. So option d fits correctly in the context.

3. Answer: e

Explanation: provoke means to rouse to strong feeling or action. This fits best. Option a, b, c, d all are antonyms.

4. Answer: a

Explanation: Retaliation means to repay in kind.
However, option b, c, d are antonyms. Castigation fits loosely in the context.

5. Answer: e

Explanation: hung over means worry or trouble. Hang on means wait. Hang with means spend with time. Hang around means stay in a place. Hang onto means keep.

6. Answer: d

Explanation: condemn means to indicate strong disapproval of. This fits perfectly. Option a, b are synonyms but not grammatically correct. Option c antonym.

7. Answer: e

Explanation: rhetoric means language that is impressive-sounding but not meaningful or sincere. This fits best. Option a, b are antonyms. Option c, d out of the context.

8. Answer: a

Explanation: option b, c, d are not fit in the context.

9. Answer: b

Explanation: admonish means to criticize. This fits best in the context. Option a, c are synonyms but grammatically incorrect. Option d is antonyms.

10. Answer: e

Explanation: hoard means a supply stored up and often hidden away. This is the correct option. Option a, b c are antonyms. Option d is grammatically incorrect.


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