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1. (3) higher (Adv.)
the (Indef. Art.) is used in the Comparative Degree with Adverbs

2. (1) prefer (Verb) : to like one thing or person better than another
A Prepositional Phrase with to will be used.
Hence, riding to walking is the right usage.

3. (2) demand (Verb) : to ask for something firmly
Here, demanding is the right usage.

4. (1) International News is compared to National News.
Hence, National is the right usage

5. (1) be angry with someone : to feel or express displeasure
be angry at something : to be irritated by
->angry at what somebody does
->angry with somebody about something or for doing something
Here, angry with is the right usage.

6. (3) back out (Phr.V.) : to withdraw from something
Here, withdrew his support from is the right usage.

7. (4) No improvement
who (Pro.) : used for showing which person you mean

8. (1) neither (Adv.) : used for introducing a further negative statement
->He didn’t remember, and neither did I
->Hence, neither did I is the right usage.

9. (2) declined (Verb.) : refused politely to accept or to do something
denied (Verb.) : said that something is not true
Here, declined is the right usage

10. (1)don’t think so (Idiom) : used for saying very strongly that you do not agree to something, or that something is not possible
suspect (Verb.) : to be suspicious about something; not to trust something


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