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Q1. D

Pipe B and F together can fill in 1 hr
1/10 + 1/15 = 1/6th of the tank
When the drain pipe M is also open it takes 30 hrs to fill the tank.
Let us assume that the pipe M can empty out a full tank in m hrs.
So we get when B + F and -M are all working, the tank level is rising (1/6 – 1/m) per hour
Given that in that condition the tank fills up in 30 hrs
1/6 – 1/M = 1/30
or 1/M = 1/6 – 1/30 = 4/30
So independently the pipe M can enpty a full tank in 30/4 Or 7.5 hrs

Q2. B

Q3. A

Q4. A

Q5. B

Q6. B

Q7. A

Q8. C

Q9. D

Q10. C

Q11. D

Q12. C

Q13. A

Q14. B

Q15. A


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