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1. (b) Exonerate means declared free from blame, to implicate means to show that someone is involved in something especially a crime, to appease means to pacify, to adore means to love deeply and respect highly.

2. (d) Fascinating means charming, fanaticism means madness, especially in religious or political matters, indolence means laziness.

3. (d) Modest means humble, awkward means clumsy, celebrated means distinguished.

4. (b) Credulity

5. (a) Roost

6. (d) offend means not to show proper respect or make someone angry, so the opposite will be respect.

7. (c) Indict means to charge someone with a crime or something wrong. Accuse also means the same, acquit means to free of charge.

8. (a) Obscene means indecent, objectionable and condemnable mean similar to obscene.

9. (a) Liberate is to make someone free and imprison is to put in prison, conceal is to hide and vacillation is to move from one place or idea to another.

10. (d) Melancholy means depressed and is therefore opposite to cheerful.

11. (c) Legitimate means legal or lawful, distinguished means eminent, and courteous means polite.

12. (d) Vacillate means to move from one place to another and consistent means to stay the same, eradicate means to remove.

13. (a) Hinder means to prevent the growth or progress of something while expedite is to make fast the process or facilitate. Vindicate means to justify.

14. (a) Terse means brief. Diffuse means spread widely or thinly.

15. (b) Multiplicity is presence of multiple or many identities, while uniformity means same everywhere, infinite means endless.

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