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Friend Company Language
M Godrej Hindi
N HCL Gujarati
O Godrej Marathi
P Infosys English
Q Infosys Punjabi
R Godrej Tamil
S HCL Urdu

1. (2) The combination O-Godrej-Marathi is definitely true.

2. (4) N also works in the HCL company.

3. (1) O speaks Marathi language.

4. (3) M, O and R work together in the Godrej company.

5. (5) P also works in the Infosys company.

From Right End
R(Career 360)—T(Entrepreneur)—-U(Digit)—Q(Vogue)—-P(Business Today)—-S(Sportstar)—-V(Organiser)—-W(Forbes)

6. (4) Q reads Vogue magazine.

7. (1) V reads Organiser magazine. V sits to the immediate left of S. U reads Digit while T reads Entrepreneurship.
W reads Forbes and T reads Entrepreneurship. W is sitting exactly between V and R.
S reads Sportstar and T reads Entrepreneurship.
Three persons are sitting between S and T.

8. (3) R reads Career 360°. Q sits third to the left or fifth to the right of R.

9. (5) When we move to the right side of W, two persons – V and S – are sitting between W and P.

10. (2) S reads Sportstar. U is sitting third to the right of S. U reads Digit.

11. (1) Clearly, both the statements are effects of some common cause.

12. (3)

13. (3)

14. (5)

15. (1)


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