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1. (4) No improvement

2. (3) Here, what the truth was is the right usage

3. (3) Here, so am I is the right usage

4. (4) No improvement

5. (2) Positive Sentences require Negative Tags.

6. (2) The English language is the right usage.

7. (3) Sentence Structure will be as follows : If-clause (Simple Present Tense) ®will (Simple Future) Hence, One will get is the right usage

8. (4) No improvement

9. (3) nor (Conj., Adv.) : used before a Positive Verb to agree something Negative that has just been said.

10. (3) Positive Sentence “Negative tag Tag structure” First Auxiliary (can) + not (can’t) Hence, can’t they ? is the right usage.


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