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1). The word „just‟ implies that it must be assumed that people wants ads at the lowest cost. Hence I is not necessarily true. II is obvious; otherwise why will ads like this be given?
Answer: b)

2). The notice given by the XYZ department clearly mentions the ill – effect of drinking. The motive behind mentioning the ill – effect must be to restrict drinkers from drinking. Now, how can the motive be fulfilled? Obviously, I must be assumed. II is too specific, Hence II is not implicit.
Answer: a)

3). The statement does not mention the specific reason behind the view of the speaker. Hence, both I and II are not implicit.
Answer: d)

4). How will making it „mandatory‟ make democracy more meaningful? Obviously, both I and II must be assumed.
Answer: e)

5). Why has the FAO made such a declaration? Why does it need worldwide efforts? Obviously, it must be assuming the problem quite alalrming. Hence, I is implicit. But II is not necessarily valid.
Answer: a)

6). I is implicit because it make no sence to talk of something without the existence of its possibility. II is implicit; that is why the speaker suggests tools to make change in the women‟s status.
Answer: e)

7). We cannot say what ground the critic assumes on the basis of which be terms it “not a proper and judicious step”.
Answer: d)

8). I is not valid because we don‟t know whether the contrast expressed in the view is critical or merely a statement of fact. II, if at all an assumption, can only be false.
Answer: d)

9). I is not implicit because it goes into unnecessary details. II is implicit; that is why the speaker stresses on the role of executive in the appointment of High Court Judges
Answer: b)

10). Answer: d)

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