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1. (3) higher (Adv.) the (Indef. Art.) is used in the Comparative Degree with Adverbs.

2. (1) prefer (Verb) : to like one thing or person better than another A Prepositional Phrase with to will be used. Hence, riding to walking is the right usage.

3. (2) demand (Verb) : to ask for something firmly Here, demanding is the right usage.

4. (1) International News is compared toNational News. Hence, National is the right usage.

5. (1) be angry with someone : to feel or express displeasure be angry at something : to be irritated by l angry at what somebody does l angry with somebody about something or for doing something Here, angry with is the right usage.

6. (3) back out (Phr.V.) : to withdraw from something Here, withdrew his support from is the right usage.

7. (4) No improvement who (Pro.) : used for showing which person you mean

8. (1) neither (Adv.) : used for introducing a further negative statement l He didn’t remember, and neither did I Hence, neither did I is the right usage.

9. (2) declined (Verb.) : refused politely to accept or to do something denied (Verb.) : said that something is not true Here, declined is the right usage.

10. (1)don’t think so (Idiom) : used for saying very strongly that you do not agree to something, or that something is not possible
suspect (Verb.) : to be suspicious about something; not to trust something Here, don’t think is the right usage


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