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Q1. (2) Here, four years ago is the right usage.

Q2. (2) by and large (Idiom) : in general; mainly ;
to a large extent by the way (Idiom) : used for introducing a comment or question that is not directly related to what you have been talking about Here, by and large is the right usage.

Q3. (3) only (Adv.) : just one (Adj.) : alone in a class or category
It was only a matter of time. (Adv.)
That is the only possible right answer. (Adj.)
Here, only a means is the right usage.

Q4. (3) deflected (Verb) : changed direction after hitting something
diverted (Verb) : made somebody or something change direction
Here, deflected is the right usage.

Q5. (3) boast about something :
She is always boasting about her children.

boast of something :
He openly boasted of his skills. Here, boast of is the right usage

Q6. (3) Prepositions are used at the end of the sentence in Inf. structures, to make the sense clear. Hence, didn’t want to is the right usage.

Q7. (4) No improvement may (Mod.v.) : used for saying that something is possible
might (Mod.v.) : Past Tense of ‘may’
shall (Mod.v.) : used with ‘I’ and ‘we’ for talking about or predicting the future
should (Mod.v.) : used for saying that something is the best thing or the right thing to do

Q8. (1) Structure of sentence (Past Perfect Tense) will be as follows : Subject + had + Verb (Past Parti-ciple form)
He had taken his breakfast is the right usage.

Q9. (2) referring to (Phr.v.) : speaking about or mentioning about somebody/something
eluding (Verb) : managing to avoid or escaping from somebody/something especially in a clever way
hinting (Verb) : suggesting something in an indirect way Here, referring to is the right usage.

Q10. (2) reassure (Verb) : put somebody’s mind at ease l They tried to reassure her, but she still felt anxious.
reassume (Verb) : to carry on ; to adopt again ;
to resume Object (me) will be used after reassured
Hence, reassured me is the right usage.


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