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Q1. (1) criticize (Verb) : to say that you disapprove of somebody/ something
censure (Verb) : to criticize somebody severely often publicly ; rebuke
appreciate (Verb) : to recognize the good qualities of somebody/ something
blame (Verb) : to say that somebody/something is responsible for something bad
abuse (Verb) : to use something in a way that is wrong or harmful

Q2. (1) industrious (Adjective) : working hard
diligent (Adjective) : showing care and effort in your work or duties
indifferent (Adjective) : having or showing no interest
intelligent (Adjective) : good at learning, understanding and thinking in a logical way about things
energetic (Adjective) : having a lot of energy

Q3. (2) meditation (Noun) : the practice of thinking deeply in silence, especially for religious reasons or in order to make your mind calm
contemplation (Noun) : the act of thinking deeply about something
consideration (Noun) : the act of thinking carfully about something
deliberation (Noun) : the process of carefully considering or discussing something
speculation (noun) : the act of forming opinions about what has happened or what might happen without knowing all the facts

Q4. (3) flattery (Noun) : praise that is not sincere
adulation (Noun) : admiration and praise, especially when this is greater than is necessary
duration (Noun) : the length of time that something continues
argument (Noun) : a conversation or discussion in which two or more people disagree, often angrily
institution (Noun) : a large important organisation

Q5. (4) tremble (Verb) : to shake in a way that you cannot control ; quiver
quiver (Verb) : to shake slightly
quarrel (Noun) : to have an angry argument
quicken (Verb) : to become quicker
waver (Verb) : to be or become weak or unsteady ; hesitate

Q6. (1) handsome (Adjective) : attractive ; good–looking
beautiful (Adjective) : pretty; handsome; attractive; lovely; good–looking; gorgeous; having beauty
alluring (Adjective) : attractive and exciting in a mysterious way
appealing (Adjective) : attractive or interesting
attractive (Adjective) :pleasant to look at ; appealing

Q7. (1) important (Adjective) : having a great effect on people or things; of great value
momentous (Adjective) : very important or serious, especially because there may be important results ; historic
temporary (Adjective) : not permanent; lasting for a short time
fleeting (Adjective) : lasting only for a short time ; brief
monumental (Adjective) : very important and having a great influence, especially as the result of years of work ; historic

Q8. (2)passion (Noun) : a very strong feeling of love, hatred, anger, enthusiasm, etc. ; rage
infatuation (Noun) : very strong feelings of love or attraction for somebody/something ; foolish passion
emotion (Noun) : a strong feeling such as love, fear or anger
imagination (Noun) : the ability to create pictures in your mind
compassion (Noun) : a strong feeling of sympathy for people who are suffering and a desire to help them

Q9. (3) nominee (Noun) : a person who has been formally suggested for a job, prize etc.
consignee (Noun) : the person to whom merchandise is delivered over
delegate (Noun) : a person who is chosen or elected to represent the views of a group of people and vote and make decisions for them
representative (Noun) : a person who has been chosen to speak or vote for somebody else or on behalf of a group
messenger (Noun) : a person who gives a message to somebody; who delivers messages to people as a job

Q10. (1) wanderer (Noun) : a person who keeps travelling from place to place with no permanent home
tramp (Noun) : a person with no home or job; who travels from place to place, usually asking people in the street for food or money
cheat (Noun) : to trick somebody or make him believe something that is not true.
traveller (Noun) : a person who is travelling or who often travels
pilgrim (Noun) : a person who travels to a holy place for religious reasons

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