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1. (1) love (Noun) : a strong feeling of deep affection
animosity (Noun) : a strong feeling of opposition, anger or hatred ; hostility
lust (Noun) : a very strong sexual desire
luck (Noun) : good things that happen by chance
loss (Noun) : the state of no longer having something

2. (3) compromise (Noun) : an agreement made between two people or groups
altercation (Noun) : a noisy argument or disagreement
explanation (Noun) : a statement that explains
challenge (Noun) : a new or difficult task that tests
somebody’s ability and skill
opposition (Noun) : the act of strongly disagreeing

3. (2) dissuade (Verb) : to persuade somebody not to do something
coax (Verb) : cajole ; to persuade somebody to do something by
talking to him in a kind and gentle way
dull (Adjective) : not interesting or exciting
active (Adjective) : always busy doing things ; lively and full of ideas
speed (Verb) : to move along quickly

4. (2) unscholarly (Adjective) : not scholarly
erudite (Adjective) : having or showing great knowledge that is gained from academic study ; learned
educated (Adjective) : having had a high standard of education
scholarly (Adjective) : spending a lot of time studying and having a lot of knowledge about an academic subject
possessive (Adjective) : demanding total attention ; not wanting somebody to be independent

5. (2) poor (Adjective) : having very little money ; not having money for basic needs
affluent (Adjective) : having a lot of money and a good standard of living ; prosperous ; wealthy
high (Adjective) : measuring a long distance from bottom to top
rare (Adjective) : not done, seen, happening, etc. very often
fluent (Adjective) : able to speak, read or write a language, easily and well

6. (3) global (Adjective) : covering or affecting the whole world ; considering or including all parts
of something
parochial (Adjective) : only concerned with small issues that happen in your local area and not interested in more important things
narrow (Adjective) : limited in a way that ignores important issues or the opinions of other people
international (Adjective) : connected with two or morecountries
world wide (Adjective) : affecting all parts of the world

7. (1) unerring (Adjective) : always right or accurate ; unfailing
fallible (Adjective) : able to make mistakes or be wrong
reliable (Adjective) : that can be trusted ; dependable
false hood (Noun) : the state of not being true
trustful (Adjective) : full of trust; reliable

8. (3) respectful (Adjective) : feeling or showing respect
impertinent (Adjective) : rude and not showing respect ; impolite
arrogance (Noun) : the act of behaving in a proud, unpleasant
way, showing little thought for other people
appropriate (Adjective) : suitable, acceptable or correct for the particular circumstances
modest (Adjective) : not very large, expensive, important, etc ; not talking much about your own abilities or possessions

9. (3) smooth (Adjective) : flat and even ; without problems ; polite and pleasant
rough (Adjective) : not smooth ; uneven and irregular
refined (Adjective) : made pure by taking out other substances ; polite, well–educated and able to judge the quality of things ; cultured
charming (Adjective) : very pleasant or attractive
polite (Adjective) : courteous ; having or showing good manners and respect for the feelings of others

10. (1) disapproval (Noun) : a feeling that you don’t like an idea, an action or somebody’s behaviour because you think it is bad, not suitable or going to affect in somebody else.
ractification (Noun) : making something valid by confirming it officially/formally
disagreeable (Adjective) : not nice and enjoyable ; unpleasant; rude and unfriendly
denial (Noun) : a statement that says something is not true or does not exist
disturbing (Adjective) : making you feel anxious and upset or shocked

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