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Q1. (b) return (Verb) : to come or go back from one place to another
return : turn back
We had to return to the old rules. Here, you return from is the right usage.

Q2. (a) to make a tag, the first Auxiliary (has) will be used.
Hence, hasn’t he ? is the right usage.

Q3. (a) beneficial (Adj.) : favourable; advantageous ; helpful
benevolent (Adj.) : kind, helpful and generous
beneficent (Adj.) : giving help ; showing kindness ; generous
bounteous (Adj.) : giving very generously
Here, beneficial is the right usage.

Q4. (b) in (Prep.) : at a point within an area or a space
under (Prep.) : below something
Here, in. (Prep.) is the right usage

Q5. (c) in case (Conj.) : in the event that something takes place ;as a precaution, if
Here, If/In case is the right usage.

Q6. (b) components (Noun) : one of several parts of which something is made
compounds (Noun) : a thing consisting of two or more separate things combined together
Here, components is the right usage

Q7. (c) constantly (Adv.) : all the time ; repeatedly
sneak (Verb) : to go somewhere secretly, trying to avoid being seen
frequently (Adv.) : often
occasionally (Adv.) : sometimes but not often
Here, constantly is the right usage.

Q8. (b) fewer (Det., Pro.) : not many  used for Countable Nouns
less (Det., Pro.) : a smaller amount of used for Uncountable Nouns
Here, Fewer is the right usage.

Q9. (c) bestow something (on/upon somebody) : to give something to somebody
bestow is used with on/upon (Prep.)
Hence, bestowed on man is the right usage.

Q10. (b) The sentence is in Passive Voice.
Here, been will not be used. Hence, held as hostages is the right usage.

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