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Solution to the quiz

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1. (4) The garbage was first sun-dried for one to three days to bring down the moisture level (Passive).
2. (2) Women like to be flattered by men. (Passive).
3. (1) What must be done, must be done properly. (Passive).
4. (4) Let the poll results be looked at-is hope inspired by them ? (Passive)
5. (3) You are supposed to make the tea at eleven o’ clock. (Passive)
6. (1) His teacher congratulated him on his brilliant success in the recent examination. (Active).
7. (1) English is spoken all over the world. (Passive).
8. (1) By whom were you given permission to enter ? (Passive).
9. (2) He has been granted a scholarship by the Principal. (Passive)
10.(2) Men, women and children throng the shops before festivals making various purchases. (Active)


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