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1. (c) The reason behind author’s prediction regarding N11 countries is that for these countries to be equal to the growth of BRICS countries their magnitude of growth should be huge.

2.(a) The passage states that as longer supply chains infiltrated along with connecting places with fast growing working age populations, a huge quantity of cheap labour became available.

3. (a)

4. (b)

5. (d) It is nowhere mentioned in the passage that rich economies are threatened.

6. (a) The author has not criticized advanced economies for the way they have handled their growth.

7. (c)

8. (b)

9. (d)

10. (b)

11. (b)

12. (c)

13. (b)

14. (a)

15. (a)

16. (d)

17. (b)

18. (a)

19. (d)

20. (b)


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