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1. (a) ‘A’ is used inappropriately because there is no need of article here. So, it is to be removed.

2. (b) Replace ‘underwent’ with ‘undergone’ as third form of the verb is to be used here with has.

3. (e) No error correction required.

4. (d) Replace ‘were’ with ‘was’ as subject is singular.

5. (c) use ‘has’ in place of ‘have’.

6. (b); ‘Gerund’ will come after ‘mind’. Change ‘be’ into ‘being’.

7. (e); No error.

8. (a); Change ‘would have’ to ‘had’.
Formula: If+ Past Perfect, Sub+ would+ have + V3

9. (d); Change ‘do’ to ‘did’ as sentence starting in the past should stay in the past.

10. (c); Change ‘has’ to ‘had’ as sentence starting in past should stay in past.

11. (b); ‘Administration’ is a noun. We need an adjective from here which is ‘administrative’.

12. (c); Change ‘their’ into ‘its’. ‘Congress Party’ is singular and will take singular adjective ‘its’.

13. (c); Change ‘very’ into ‘most’. If two adjectives are joined by a conjunction, both the adjectives should be in the same degree. Hence, use ‘most intelligent’ with ‘most talented’.

14. (e); No error.

15. (a); ‘No sooner’ is followed by a ‘helping verb’ and then the ‘sub’. ‘No sooner did the teacher enter’ will be the
correct way of writing this sentence.


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