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Spot The Error Quiz

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Q1. Even after hearing the leader (A)/ for a long time (B)/ the followers could not make out (C)/ which he was talking about. (D)

Q2. The Professor along with the students (A)/ were seen boarding a bus (B)/ to go to a picnic (C)/ on a national holiday (D).

Q3 Lost in thought, (A)/ with a vacant look in her eyes, (B)/ she laid (C)/ on the couch. (D)

Q4 She would (A)/ never have taken the job if she had been knowing (B)/ what great demands it would make (C)/ on her time. (D)

Q5 Smoking is not allowed at petrol pumps because there is (A)/ too many (B)/ easily ignited (C)/ material in the vicinity. (D)

Q6 Hard work and self-discipline often result (A)/ in a rise (B)/ not only in one’s (C)/ salary but also in your self-esteem. (D)

Q7 Studying the science of (A)/ logic is one way to (B)/ cultivate one’s reason (C)/ skills. (D)

Q8 The water flows at (A)/ about 2.5 m per second for about 12 hours when the tide is rising (B)/ through the channel, paused (C)/ at high tide and then reverses direction. (D)

Q9 Many animals and plants live in water (A)/ but not in the same kind of water (B)/ because not all water is the same. (C)/ Sea water, for instance, contains a lot of salt, fresh water contains very little. (D)

Q 10 The book is well-printed (A)/ and attractively bound (B)/ making altogether (C)/ an attractive volume. (D)




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