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SSC CGL Error Spotting Quiz

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Directions(1-15): In the following questions, some of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error The number of that part is your answer. If a sentence is free from errors, your answer is (4) i.e., No error.

1. (1) They agreed (2)/ to repair the damage (3)/ freely of charge (4)/ No error

2. (1) When Darun heard the news that his father had been hospitalised (2)/ he cancelled his trip (3)/ and returned back to his village (4)/ No error

3. (1) The Governing Board (2)/ comprises of (3)/ several distinguished personalities (4)/ No error

4. (1) My uncle does not spend (2)/ so much money on that house (3)/ unless he thinks of moving in soon(4)/ No error

5. (1) Neither my sister nor my brothers (2)/ are interested (3)/ in moving to another house (4)/ No error

6.We saw (1)/ sand sculptures (2)/ in the beach. (3)/ No error. (4)

7. Everybody in the office (1)/ has left early, (2)/ haven’t they ? (3)/ No error. (4)

8. The teacher told that (1)/ the students should have gone to the library (2)/ instead of having wasted their time. (3)/ No error.(4)

9. He is (1)/ one of the tallest boy (2)/ in the class. (3)/ No error. (4)

10. He was awarded (1)/ with a doctorate degree (2)/ for his new invention. (3)/ No error. (4)

11. None of the diplomats at the conference (1)/was able either to comprehend (2)/ or solve the problem. (3)/No error (4)

12. The whole block of flats (1)/ including two shops (2)/ was destroyed in fire. (3)/No error (4)

13. They were having (1)/ a birthday party at home (2)/ next week. (3)/No error (4)

14. The inaugural function (1)/ is temporarily interrupted (2)/ as the lights suddenly went out. (3)/No error (4)

15. He always practises (1)/ the justice and cares (2)/ for moral principles. (3)/No error (4)

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