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SSC CGL Questions Asked 12th August 3rd Shift – General Awareness


  • Jinnah often came to our house
  • Which of the following is female harmone.
  • Trophies related to sports like Irani trophy.
  • Full form of ISDN.
  • Full form of DNA.
  • Andaman Nicobar highest peak.
  • Which country has no written constitution.
  • Jallikattu on occasion of which festival?
  • Who is centigrade scale inventor?
  • Match trophy related to cricket, football, hockey.
  • State with maximum wasteland.
  • Name the neighbour country not landlocked.
  • Pascal’s law.
  • How do Unicellular organism reproduce?
  • Which is used during ingestion antacids/analgesic?
  • Which is not malleable?
    i) Aluminum                  ii) Silver                               iii) Potassium                       iv) Gold
  • Who got Dhyanchand achievement award?
  • Name the major god in Rigveda?
  • GDP deflator formula?
  • Which state first implemented Mahila police volunteer scheme as trial?
  • Who checks the cash reserved by the bank? – RBI
  • INDIA pact with which country for Oil supply till 2022?
  • Working period of CAG.
  • Number of Indian state touching Nepal?
  • Common name of sodium bicarbonate.
  • Authority of consolidated fund in the hand of?
  • Vayosri Yojna funded by which organization?


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