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Static Awareness : Important Lines and Boundaries of the World

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Name of Lines/Boundaries Between Features/ Description
17th Parallel North Vietnam and South Vietnam
  • It is a circle of latitude 17 degrees north of the equator.
  • It divided the erstwhile North and South Vietnam as demarcated by 1954 Geneva Accords.
  • The 17th parallel became irrelevant after the unification of Vietnam in 1976.
20th Parallel Sudan and Libya
  • It is located 20 degrees to the north to the equator.
  • It marks the border between Sudan and Libya.
22nd Parallel Sudan and Egypt
  • The main part of Sudan and Egypt border.
25th Parallel Mali and  Mauritania
  • It is the northernmost section of the Mauritania and Mali border.
31st Parallel Iraq and Iran
  • It is a part of Iran-Iraq border.
  • The 31st parallel defines Mississippi and Louisiana in the United States of America.
38th Parallel South Korea and North Korea
  • It forms the border between North and South Korea prior to the Korean War.
49th Parallel Canada and USA
  • It is located 49 degrees north of the equator.
  • According to the Anglo-American Convention of 1818 and Oregon Treaty of 1846, it is the international boundary between USA and Canada.
Durand Line Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • This line was drawn up in 1893 by Sir Mortimer Durand in agreement with the Amir of Kabul.
  • Afghanistan does not recognize the Durand line.
Hindenburg Line Poland and Germany
  • The Germans went past this line during World War I in 1917.
  • It was built as the western front in World War I
MacMahon Line India and China
  • It was drawn by Sir Henry McMahon.
  • China does not recognize this line and violated it in 1962.
Maginot Line France and Germany (from French side)
  • It is a 320 km line of fortification that was built by France along its border with Germany before World War II
Mannerheim Line Russia and Finland
  • It was a defensive fortification built by Finland to defend itself against the Soviet Union.
Oder-Neisse Line Germany and Poland
  • It runs along the rivers Oder and Neisse.
  • The Poland Conference in August 1945 after the World War II led to its adoption.
Radcliffe Line India and Pakistan
  • It became the international border between India and Pakistan marking partition of India.
  • It also included the present Bangladesh.
Siegfried Line /West wall Germany and France (from German side)
  • It was built by Germany as extension of Hindenburg line
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