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The Hindu Vocabulary For Upcoming Exams

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As we all know that now a day’s in All Banking Exams and other competitive exams most of the English Sections were taken from Editorial pages. So it is essential to have a sound knowledge and understanding of English vocabulary. So here we are presenting you Vocabulary from “The Hindu”.

  1. Niche (adjective) – relating to the market (with products, services, or interests) which provides specific products, services, etc. to a particular group of people.
  2. Capital inflow (noun) – a steady movement of capital (amount) into a place, economy, activity etc.
  3. Anvil (noun) – model, pattern, form (in the process).
  4. Consolidation (noun) – the process of strengthening something by combing a number of things into a single more effective one.
  5. Glaring (adjective) – obvious, flagrant, blatant/inescapable.
  6. Offload (verb) – unload/empty out; get rid of, transfer.
  7. Conserve (verb) – preserve, protect, maintain/safeguard (resource).
  8. A new lease of life (phrase) – an improved and energetic life after making something better than before.
  9. Regime (noun) – system, arrangement, scheme.
  10. Cushion (verb) – protect, shield, shelter.
  11. Haircut (noun) – a reduction in the mentioned value of an asset.
  12. Stressed loans (noun) – bad loans, non-performing assets (NPAs), stressed assets; an account where principal and/or interest remains overdue for a period of time.
  13. Insolvency (noun) – a condition in which the financial difficulties of an individual or organisation are such it is unable to pay its debts.
  14. An article of faith (phrase) – principle, belief, rule.
  15. Assertion (noun) – declaration, contention, statement.
  16. Allay (verb) – reduce, decrease, lessen.
  17. Thumbs up (phrase) – approval, approbation, endorsement.


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