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The Hindu Vocabulary For Upcoming Exams

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As we all know that now a day’s in All Banking Exams and other competitive exams most of the English Sections were taken from Editorial pages. So it is essential to have a sound knowledge and understanding of English vocabulary. So here we are presenting you Vocabulary from “The Hindu”.


1. PUNGENT (ADJECTIVE): highly flavored

Synonyms: bitter, aromatic

Antonyms: blah, calm

Example Sentence:

Pungent smell of this perfume.

2. SOOTHE (VERB): calm

Synonyms: allay, appease

Antonyms: aggravate, agitate

Example Sentence:

He tried his best to soothe his wife.

3. DULCIFY (VERB): pacify

Synonyms: assuage, curb

Antonyms: incite, irritate

Example Sentence:

He dulcified his hunger by eating apple.

4. EBULLIENT (ADJECTIVE): enthusiastic

Synonyms: brash, chipper

Antonyms: depressed, down

Example Sentence:

Ebullient wolf made everyone tensed.


Synonyms: bubbly, airy

Antonyms: inactive, flat

Example Sentence:

Effervescent sight of this lake can make you crazy.

6. LUSCIOUS (ADJECTIVE): delicious

Synonyms: juicy, lush

Antonyms: austere, bland

Example Sentence:

She cooks luscious food.

7. SAVORY (ADJECTIVE): pleasing

Synonyms: aromatic, fragrant

Antonyms: stinking, sour

Example Sentence:

His savory attitude will help him to get promotion.


Synonyms: delicate, soft

Antonyms: harsh, healthy

Example Sentence:

She was staring at the mellow evening sky.

9. DWINDLE (VERB): waste away

Synonyms: abate, decay

Antonyms: develop, enhance

Example Sentence:

Water the plant otherwise it will dwindle very soon.

10. SHRINK (VERB): become smaller

Synonyms: decrease, diminish

Antonyms: enlarge, extend

Example Sentence:

I saw a virus through microscope, it was shrinking.

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