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Vocabulary of the day

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1. PREEMPT (VERB): To acquire or take
Synonyms: confiscate, annex
Antonyms: relinquish, surrender
Example Sentence: I’ve preempted the next compartment.

2. ASPERITY (NOUN): the quality of being hard
Synonyms: harshness, acerbity
Antonyms: sweetness, courtesy
Example Sentence: “I told you he had no idea” she remarked with some asperity.

3. BEATITUDE (NOUN): a state of supreme happiness
Synonyms: bliss, ecstasy
Antonyms: sorrow, misery
Example Sentence: After qualifying the IBPS PO examination, she was in a state of beatitude.

Synonyms: erratic, fickle
Antonyms: constant, predictable
Example Sentence: She may change her mind, she’s very capricious.

5. DENOUEMENT (NOUN): the outcome of a complex sequence of events
Synonyms: conclusion, result
Antonyms: beginning, opening
Example Sentence: The unexpected denouement of the affair was surprising for all.

6. SUMPTUOUS (ADJECTIVE): magnificent
Synonyms: splendid, deluxe
Antonyms: plain, cheap
Example Sentence: They live in sumptuous surroundings.

Synonyms: haughty, egotistic
Antonyms: humble, meek
Example Sentence: Sohail is a supercilious boy.

Synonyms: laborious, burdensome
Antonyms: effortless, half-hearted
Example Sentence: This is a better advice for you that you should avoid strenuous exercise in the evening.

9. INCARCERATE (VERB): imprison
Synonyms: jail, captive
Antonyms: free, give liberty
Example Sentence: It can cost Rs.50,000 to incarcerate a prisoner for a year.

Synonyms: beginning, inceptive
Antonyms: final, mature
Example Sentence: There were signs of incipient panic.


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Vocabulary of the day

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