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Vocabulary of the day

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Synonyms: excited, frenzied
Antonyms: balanced, rational
Example Sentence: He was delirious with joy.

2. DERANGE (VERB): disorder
Synonyms: addle, muddle
Antonyms: order, arrange
Example Sentence: This does not derange the numbers, since the order of succession is observed.

Synonyms: dishonouring, disparaging
Antonyms: appreciable, honouring
Example Sentence: She refused to withdraw her derogatory remarks.

4. DESCENT (NOUN): going down
Synonyms: drop, plunge
Antonyms: ascent, climb
Example Sentence: That is a steep descent.

5. DESPICABLE (ADJECTIVE): contemptible
Synonyms: shameful, vile
Antonyms: honorable, reputable
Example Sentence: He said that it was a despicable crime.

6. COMBAT (VERB): battle
Synonyms: fight, war
Antonyms: compromise, negotiate
Example Sentence: The residents of the town tried to combat the government’s plans to build a motorway.

7. COMMEMORATE (VERB): memorize
Synonyms: remember, memorialize
Antonyms: forget, neglect
Example Sentence: This inscription commemorates those who died.

Synonyms: appeasing, mollifying
Antonyms: aggravating, instigating
Example Sentence: The next time he will use a conciliatory tone.

Synonyms: docile, pliant
Antonyms: obstinate, stubborn
Example Sentence: My brother is a compliant boy.

10. COMPETENCE (NOUN): capability
Synonyms: ability, proficiency
Antonyms: bluntness, dullness
Example Sentence: I regard him as a man of integrity and high professional competence.


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Vocabulary of the day

130+ SSC CGL Previous Papers With Solution Free >> Download Now Download Quant Power Book (800+ …