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Vocabulary of the day

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1. BUMPTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): offensively self-assertive
Synonyms: arrogant, egotistic
Antonyms: humble, modest
Example Sentence: I was still annoyed at his bumptious style of conversation.

Synonyms: remedial, curative
Antonyms: harmful, injurious
Example Sentence: My eighty-five-year-old grandmother credits restorative yoga as the key to her good health.

3. EMBOLDEN (VERB): encourage
Synonyms: energize, inspire
Antonyms: discourage, dissuade
Example Sentence: Emboldened by his success, he started on a second novel.

4. MASQUERADE (NOUN): disguise
Synonyms: carnival, domino
Antonyms: openness, reality
Example Sentence: He claimed that the booth capturing during the elections would be a masquerade.

Synonyms: resounding, blaring
Antonyms: soft, low
Example Sentence: She bellowed in a stentorian voice.

6. UNDERGIRD (VERB): Support
Synonyms: reinforce, hold up
Antonyms: drop, undermine
Example Sentence: I used an iron rod to undergird the new plant.

7. UNDERFED (ADJECTIVE): Undernourished
Synonyms: famished, ill-fed
Antonyms: healthy, well-nourished
Example Sentence: I saw the underfed population of Uganda.

8. TOPPLE (VERB): fall
Synonyms: overturn, tumble
Antonyms: rise, ascend
Example Sentence: He released his hold and toppled slowly backwards.

Synonyms: genuine, unaffected
Antonyms: insincere, pretended
Example Sentence: I pay my unfeigned regards to the martyr’s family.

10. VEER (VERB): Change direction
Synonyms: deflect, diverge
Antonyms: straighten, go direct
Example Sentence: The car veered across the road to avoid hitting a small boy.


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Vocabulary of the day

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