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Vocabulary of the day

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1. TAMPER (VERB): Interfere
Synonyms: meddle, tinker
Antonyms: assist, support
Example Sentence: Do not tamper in between.

2. TREMOR (NOUN): Shiver
Synonyms: vibration, shaking
Antonyms: stillness, calmness
Example Sentence: The train caused tremor at the platform.

3. TRIFLING (ADJECTIVE): Insignificant
Synonyms: dinky, worthless
Antonyms: important, worthwhile
Example Sentence: She always engages herself in trifling tasks.

4. ESPOUSE (VERB): support
Synonyms: adopt, advocate
Antonyms: reject, refuse
Example Sentence: They espoused the notion of equal opportunity for all in education.

5. TORTUOUS (ADJECTIVE): very twisted
Synonyms: winding, circuitous
Antonyms: straight forward, untwisted
Example Sentence: I don’t know why she always talks in tortuous manner.

6. WADE (VERB): plod, often through water
Synonyms: paddle, dabble
Antonym: freeze, stop
Example Sentence: We had to wade the river and then climb out of the valley.

Synonyms: luminous, shining
Antonyms: dark, dim
Example Sentence: The light of halogen lamps is slightly more whitish than incandescent lamps.

8. NOSTALGIA (NOUN): remembrance
Synonyms: reminiscence, longing
Antonyms: despising, loathing
Example Sentence: I felt a wave of nostalgia for the life I had left behind me.

9. OBVERSE (ADJECTIVE): the reverse of a certainty or fact
Synonyms: opposite, unlike
Antonym: similar, compatible
Example Sentence: True solitude is the obverse of true society.

10. MAJESTIC (ADJECTIVE): displaying impressive grandeur
Synonyms: magnificent, splendid
Antonyms: shabby, lowly
Example Sentence: King Ashoka was a majestic man with a charismatic persona.


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Vocabulary of the day

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