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Vocabulary of the day

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1. DESCRY (VERB): detect
Synonyms: determine, discern
Antonym: overlook, neglect
Example Sentence: The jeweler was able to easily descry the true value of the large diamond.

2. DETRACT (VERB): to reduce the value
Synonyms: depreciate, cheapen
Antonyms: appreciate, exaggerate
Example Sentence: I always think my glasses detract my appearance while my mother disagrees saying you look extremely handsome in spectacles.

3. DOCILE (ADJECTIVE): easily led or managed
Synonyms: compliant, submissive
Antonyms: headstrong, stubborn
Example Sentence: They are docile and obedient children.

4. DOGGED (ADJECTIVE): persistent
Synonyms: indefatigable, relentless
Antonyms: irresolute, surrendering
Example sentence: His dogged perseverance allowed him to complete the tiresome triathlon.

5. SIMPER (VERB): a silly self-conscious smile
Synonyms: grin, smirk
Antonyms: frown, growl
Example Sentence: When he was called an idiot, he simpered.

6. DAPPER (ADJECTIVE): neat in appearance
Synonyms: dashing, classy
Antonyms: disheveled, shabby
Example Sentence: Sanjay, despite being poor got his clothes duly cleaned so he would look dapper at his work.

7. DEBILITATE (VERB): to weaken
Synonyms: incapacitate, devitalize
Antonyms: strengthen, invigorate
Example Sentence: The effect of hypertension can work to debilitate his health if he does not monitor his salt intake.

8. DEFIANT (ADJECTIVE): disregardful
Synonyms: disobedient, aggressive
Antonym: submissive, obedient
Example Sentence: Imran was a defiant boy but now he obeys his parents.

9. DEPLORE (VERB): to express displeasure
Synonyms: denounce, abhor
Antonyms: commend, approve
Example Sentence: How can you deplore my behavior while acting in the same manner?

10. DIVULGE (VERB): To make known (something private or secret)
Synonyms: disclose, expose
Antonyms: conceal, hide
Example Sentence: If we have someone’s secret, we shouldn’t divulge it.


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