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Vocabulary of the day

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1. EERIE (ADJECTIVE): spooky
Synonyms: bizarre, creepy
Antonym: earthly, familiar
Example Sentence: She made an eerie remark on me.

2. GUMPTION (NOUN): sagacity
Synonyms: acumen, savvy
Antonyms: ignorance, stupidity
Example Sentence: The prime minister would hire almost any young man who had the gumption to ask for a job.

Synonyms: reverting, deteriorating
Antonyms: forward, positive
Example Sentence: The company is consistently facing the retrograde growth parameter this year.

Synonyms: commendable, exquisite
Antonyms: imperfect, inferior
Example sentence: He is a very hunky dory kid.

5. OBEISANCE (NOUN): Salutation
Synonyms: bow, curtsy
Antonyms: censure, condemnation
Example Sentence: I paid obeisance to the Prince of Britain.

6. PILLAGE (VERB): plunder
Synonyms: ravage, destroy
Antonyms: protect, construct
Example Sentence: Nadeem pillaged my idea of surprising her .

7. CONFLATE (VERB): combine into one
Synonyms: unite, join
Antonyms: divide, separate
Example Sentence: I think it is simply wrong to conflate the cultural arguments for marriage rights with the political ones.

8. WRACK (VERB): damage
Synonyms: decimate, wreck
Antonyms: support, comfort
Example Sentence: He wracked the car up on the river road.

9. DIDACTIC (ADJECTIVE): educational
Synonyms: advisory, academic
Antonyms: confusing, uninformative
Example Sentence: He adopts a lofty, didactic tone when addressing women.

Synonyms: disparaging, maligning
Antonyms: praising, nice
Example Sentence: He made rather a slighting remark about her parents.


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Vocabulary of the day

130+ SSC CGL Previous Papers With Solution Free >> Download Now Download Quant Power Book (800+ …