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Computer Aptitude Study Notes

In SBI exam computer section is along with reasoning ability in Mains, which is Phase-II of recruitment the process. These questions are a type of Coded Conversions of the number system.
First, understand the process of Decimal to Binary Conversion:
To convert decimal number 35 to its binary equivalent:
METHOD 1: Use short division by two with the remainder method.
METHOD 2: Write down the places of the digit in a binary number system and convert.
Directions (1-2) : Triangle represents ∆ (1) and circle represents ○ (0). If triangle appears in unit’s place then its value is 1. If it appears in 10’s place its value is doubled to 2 like that it continues. Questions based on this For example: 
∆ = 1
∆○∆ = 4, 0, 1 = 4+0+1
∆○ = 2
Q1. How will you represent ‘13’ in this code language?
(a) ∆∆○∆
(b) ○∆∆○
(c) ○∆∆∆
(d) ○∆○
(e) ∆


SOL: 1101= ∆∆○∆
Q2. What will be the code for ∆∆○∆∆? 
(a) 19
(b) 20
(c) 22
(d) 27 
(e) 25
SOL:  ∆∆○∆∆ = 11011


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